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Chicken Deluxe - Ranch base, with fajita chicken, black olives, tomatoes, chedder, jack, and mozzarella cheeses - it's terrific!  Or order doubles!

Meatlovers -We pile on the ham, pepperoni, sausage, bacon and extra cheese on top of pizza sauce.  Doubles are available too!

BBQ Meatlovers - We pour our sweet honey bar-b-que sauce on our hand tossed crust and pile on the ham, pepperoni, sausage, bacon and ground beef.  Order doubles today!

3 Pounder - A large pizza heaping with pepperoni, ham, fresh mushrooms and topped with double cheese.  Order one, or double up on two.

Deluxe - A delicious combination of pepperoni, ham, fresh mushrooms, onions, and green peppers.  Save on Doubles today!

Ultimate - For hearty appetites only!  Toppings include onions, green peppers, pepperoni, ham, mushroom. sausage. olives, double cheese and beef.  An even better deal when you Double!

Chicken Fajita - includes black olives, onion and fajita chicken topped with lettuce and tomato.  Sour cream and salsa available. Order one, or double up and save!

Taco Pizza - refried beans, onions, cheddar jack cheese and your choice of beef or fajita chicken.  Topped with lettuce and tomato. Tons of taste, whether you order a single or doubles!

Hawaiian - hand tossed pie with ham, pineapple tidbits and bacon. Yummy!

Philly Steak Pizza - steak. onions. green peppers. and banana peppers on a cream cheese base covered with mozzarella cheese.

Bacon Cheddar Burger - ground beef, bacon and onions topped with cheddar jack cheese

BBQ Chicken - sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce to start. topped with fajita chicken, onions, and bacon, with mozzarella cheese.

Please - no substitutions on  specialties

Available Toppings:
Onions Beef Bacon Green Peppers Anchovies
Double Cheese Pepperoni Pineapple Black Olives Green Olives
Ham Hot Peppers Sausage Mushrooms Cheddar Jack
Tomatoes Fajita Chicken Jalapeņo Cheese

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