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Our bread dough is made fresh from scratch. Our cheese and meat sliced fresh!


12" singles and doubles

14" singles and doubles

Your choice of tons of toppings, or select one of our Pizza Hot-Line Specialty Pizzas!

Our bread is made from scratch. Our sauce is our own recipe. The topping can get up into the pounds. Order your own creation or pick out of our specialities. Remember to look for doubles if you are getting two of the same pizza. Just trying to save you a few bucks. Take out and delivery only.

Homemade Subs

All of our subs are made fresh and heated

Our bread dough is made from scratch. It takes about 2 hours to make our sub buns. The meat and cheese are sliced fresh. Enjoy. Order your own creation or pick from our favorites. Take out and delivery only.


All of our salads are made fresh with garden fresh ingredients

Let's face facts a bit of green is good every now and then. Our salads come with the fresh sliced meats and shredded cheeses. They are a good addition to a meal of pizza or sub or a subsitute if you have been limiting the carbs. Take out and delivery only.

Side Orders and Pop

Breadsticks, mozzarella sticks, and more...

The sides change from time to time depending. Hey, it's been 30 years. At Pizza Hot-line, we have wings and mozzerella sticks. It is our breadsticks made with that same made from scratch dough of our subs and pizzas that bring in the smiles. The stuffed breadsticks especially. Take out and delivery only.

Sweet Tooth Specialties

Don't miss these great desserts!

Sugar can be our greatest enemy or our best friend. The brownie well, just pretend you're sharing it. It is delicious. Take out and delivery only.